Project Update #2: Duet Final Colors

Without further ado, we’d like to present photos of the final duet colors! We’ve been working hard with our vendor for a while and we’re all extraordinarily happy with the results. The duets are hot off the machines, so we haven’t had time to do any studio photography yet. So please take these photos for what they are: candid shots of duet to help you make your final decision about which color you’d like.

All the duets do not have electronics inside yet. Picture taken in indoor lighting
Red duet attached to keys. Yellow duet on a handbag. Indoor lighting
Now that we’ve published photos of each color, we realised that it’s much better to show you a video of how it protects your mobile phone. So we’ve done up a sneak preview demo only for you. Check out this demo video:
-The PROTAG Team


When we started this project, our dream was to create a world where people never need to lose their smartphones again.
With your support, we’ll soon be making that dream a reality.

Well I’m happy to share with you that the first 20 duet samples arrived yesterday from our manufacturer! And you are one of the very first few in the world to see it live. This is how it looks like when we removed it from the envelope:

and we’ve also begun doing some tests right now with the PROTAG app
So how actually does the duet work?

Think of duet as a buddy for your smartphone. Back in those days in the military, we were taught that buddies always look out for each others backs.
In much the same way, a duet is always constantly watching out for your phone, and vice versa. Except that they both achieve this through a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy connection.
And when a buddy goes missing, it’s the other buddy’s job to sound the alarm. Likewise, your duet will start beeping loudly when it detects that your phone has been left behind.
That in a nutshell, is how duet protects your smartphone.
-The PROTAG Team