Minimize Losing Your Items

Losing your items can be one of the most frustrating things in your life. No matter how hard we try to remember, many times we just can’t find back the item. We’ve seen many innovative ways to organize our items, and here are some simple systems you can implement in your home at little to no cost.

Can’t find your keys?

Find a small box or basket and place it in an area where you usually leave your keys. Could be by your table or on shelf right by the door. Once the basket is there, make sure it does not get shifted and always make sure your keys are back in the basket.

 Always digging the couch looking for your TV remote?

Get a remote holder. There are many different types of stands available, some are upright boxes, others are organizers that hang off your couch rest. There is no real best method, the important bit is to use your holder.


Jumbled cables?

Toilet Roll Organizer

Cables are now part of most of our lives and somehow these cables get tangled when our attention is off them. There are so many ways of organizing our cables. Tying the cables is an option most of us take, but many cables cannot be tied securely, lest they get damaged in the process.

Here’s a photo of a cable organizing where a shoe box with toilet rolls inside are used to keep folded cables inside.

A shoe box may be a little too big, so of course you can find a smaller box and tubes to keep your cables in.

Feel free to share with us how you organize your items and keep them from going missing!

- The PROTAG Team

How To Ward Off Pickpockets Without Killing Them


Last month, 72 year old Chet Dunham fought off a 275 pound pickpocket with his walking cane as he was walking down a quiet street in Detroit. The 23 year old culprit was eventually arrested, and learnt that pickpocketing isn’t a good idea after all (Source: )

While most reading this aren’t at that stage of life to carry a cane (and as an improvised weapon), there are practical travel tips which we can take to keep our valuables safe. Thieves have evolved in their sneaky tactics, but these are 3 timeless travel protection tips that still work today.

1) Keep your Belongings with Youkeepstuffsafebhp

Be it your phone or your camera, the first step to preventing your belongings safe is to keep them with you all the time.

Thieves prey on our short moments of vulnerability and we cannot afford to make such costly mistakes. You can also have a trusted friend to watch over your items while you go to the washroom or have to leave your belongings momentarily.


2) Front or Inside Pockets

Front Jeans pocket

Most of us naturally place our most important items into our front pockets, but sometimes our  wallets end up in our back pockets for comfort. Amateur pickpockets love it when our wallets are  in the back pockets. It takes a lot more skill to get a wallet or phone from the front pocket and it  takes us a much shorter time to notice the item is missing.

The inside pockets of your jacket ( if you are wearing one) is another good location. Many of these  inner pockets have a zip or flap designed to prevent the items from falling out. Zipping up your  jacket will help further prevent intrusion into your valuables.

Also make it a habit to note place too many things in different pockets or switch them around. Using just 1 or 2 pockets which you can constantly keep track of  your items will reduce the chances of you realizing your lost your item too late.


3) Lock Your BagsPacsafe
While it seems to be a hassle, locking your bag ensures that the items that can’t fit into your pockets are also secure. Videos has shown that it takes less than 10 seconds for organised thieves to steal from open bags. A simply twist lock will certainly slow down and deter most opportunistic thieves. Pacsafe is a company that produces travel bags with integrated locks and slash proof meshes on your bag to deter and prevent theft. However, always be on the look out for any suspicious persons or sometimes overly kind people.

We’ve seen CCTV footage of thieves working in groups to steal an item. Depending on the environment, their teams can range from 2 to 7 people. There will be somebody to distract the victim, another to snatch the bag, and the rest usually surrounds the victims from curious onlookers or to prevent the victim from retrieving his bag. With this increasing trend, we need to do more to protect our valuables.

While these tips are useful, a determined thief will find a way into your valuables, so for the most part, don’t let them get an easy prize.

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