Project Update #9: Early Backers Duet Shipping!

Finally, some good news about duet :) This week, we have completed manufacturing our first 1,500 duets for early backers. We have nearly finished packing our duets, so we are expecting to ship out to early birds by next Friday. Thanks for your patience!

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White will be the main colours to be shipped, followed by Black. As we mentioned in a previous update, if you need to amend your shipping address, please shoot us an email at by this week and we will amend for you right away.

Our team getting the Duets ready!

Early Duet Assembly

Full Set of Duets Ready to be Sent out!

Full Set of Duet

We’ll be sending another update as the Duets are being shipped =)

-The PROTAG Team

Project Update #8: Sorry for the Delay!

2nd Duet Delay

Dear Duet backers,we hate to say this:delivery of early bird & main Duet backers will have to be delayed again. :( Please allow us to explain.

#So why the delay, again???

On the 2nd of June, we encountered a technical malfunction in the device that loads firmware into the Duet chips. The malfunction delayed manufacturing further by 10 days as we worked to resolve the issue.

To give you a better picture, this has been the timeline of events so far:

12 May- Assembly of first 2000 Duets begins for Early Bird Duets

23 May- While doing quality testing, we discovered an issue in which Duet would beep unnecessarily. Our engineers identified it to be a firmware issue. The firmware had to reloaded into the Duets.(Delay)

27 May- Reloading of 2000 Duets with new firmware begins.

30 May- First batch of 400 reloaded Duets ready. They are allocated for sale in the PC Show.

2 Jun- Encountered technical malfunction of device to load firmware. Loader was concluded to be faulty and had to be replaced. (Delay)

12 Jun- Loader issue resolved. Reloading of Duet firmware resumes.

We will then assemble the Duets,put it through further quality tests, and finally pack and ship it to you.

#Moving Forward

We will be shipping the first Duets to some of our earliest supporters in the upcoming weeks.

It’s been a tough call for us to delay delivery of Duets, because we know how long so many of you have been waiting. We are very sorry for the frustration you may have. We’ve much room to improve and take every (constructive) feedback seriously. Yet again, we want to deliver our backers a product that works, not one that beeps annoyingly for no reason, in the middle of the night while you sleep. We will update backers again in the next few weeks when the first Duets are about to ship.

Project Update #7: The Duet Campaign Has Ended!

60 days are up…and we have reached the end of our campaign! We remembered setting out (feeling a little nervous but excited), with a goal of raising $5,000 and thanks to you, we’ve raised over $100,000! Because of your support, we’re extremely happy, and are one step closer to a world where people never need lose their items again. Our current goal is clear: over the next few months we’ll be working very hard to make Duet as awesome as possible, and get it shipped to you as soon as possible.

Over the next few weeks, expect to see a variety of updates related to manufacturing and shipping matters. We will also be in touch with you via email to clarify any shipping issues if necessary.

Thank You Backers (or Dueters, whichever you prefer)! All 1998 of you. For those that didn’t get to participate in our campaign, you can sign up for future releases at

You can also get even more involved through ourFacebook, or Twitter pages.

Once again, we apologise to our Early Bird backers for the delay in getting the Duets to you, as we’re still working hard to load the correct firmware into the Duet chipsets. We’ll be keeping you all updated as we progress.