Indiegogo Campaign Update!

Dear Backers,

Sorry for the long awaited communication to you as we are trying to fulfill all shipment on time and we hope most of you have received it.

There are only 3 shipments that is not out yet.

1. Orange Colour (If your colour selection has orange in it, it will be out slightly later (2-3 weeks) as we have run out. Please feel free to email our support team to change your colour to (green or blue) for us to send out almost immediately.

2. No colour selection (we try our best to record all preferred changes, some may be lost in our massive amount of emails, we apologise for that). Only for those we have emailed to, we need your colours once again.

3. No shipment paid (For those whose shipment have been paid, please send us your receipt for us to disburse immediately. Some of you may have used a different email which our system do not capture, hence we request for receipts to facilitate our shipping.)

For the rest of all main backers, all except distributor packs (which we are currently packing and fulfilling), it should have reached you or its on the way. Please give some time for the post to reach you.

PS: If you fall neither in these categories, please email us immediately and we will advice you.

Thanks and have a good day.

-The PROTAG Team

About Jerrick

Jerrick is a writer and a dreamer. But he does not dream of the Next Big Thing, or write the next Bestseller. He dreams of the perfection in the imperfection, the embracing of the diversity, and most importantly, the things that makes us humans beautiful. As a writer, he seeks understanding and believes in empathizing with his readers, hoping that they might empathize with what he presents or at the very least, find it useful

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