CrowdTracking Coming to Your duet Soon..

Hi guys, it’s been awhile since we posted an update, but we bring you exciting news! Since the beginning of our first campaign, we talked about introducing the crowd tracking feature in our app, whereby PROTAGs marked as lost can be detected by other PROTAG users. We’re glad to say it will be coming to you very soon!

Here’s how it works:

You let’s say you’re out shopping in a crowded mall when you drop your keys without knowing. Luckily your duet is attached to your keys, but due to the noise, you fail to hear and feel the vibration and alert on your smartphone until it is too late.

Using the PROTAG app, all you need to do is mark the duet attached to the keys as “lost”, and all other PROTAG app users will be passively searching for your keys. We’re looking into implementing 2 options; Publicly lost and Privately lost. For items that have been marked as publicly lost, all PROTAG users that pass by the lost item will be alerted of the latest location while privately lost items will only have alerts sent to the owner of the item.

If a passer-by happens to walk by and detect your keys, you will be instantly alerted of its latest location. Depending on your settings, the PROTAG user will be alerted of the latest location.  We’re also looking into adding a Good Samaritan function where you drop a message via our app to the person that detected your duet so he may try to retrieve your keys for you.

Of course, this is assuming your item was not taken with malicious intent, so do look out for your valuables as well, and try to retrieve your valuables when you hear our alert! Every second is precious when it comes to your valuables, always be vigilant.

To get the latest location, you can track your item via our website, Of course your smartphone app will also get the updates that come in.

When our crowdtracking feature rolls out, be sure to drop us feedback so we can improve our app features! Of course if you have more suggestions, feel free to let us know too at .

Since our Indiegogo campaigns have ended, we’ll be taking pre-orders for the duet via our website here

Prices at S$39.90 each, for distribution/wholesale enquiries, drop us an email at .

-The PROTAG Team

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