Weekly Update

Weekly Updates (5/8)

Dear Backers,

We would like to touch a bit this week on some of the questions we received from backers over the past week.

1. Why did I register an account on Protag website, but not able to login on my phone. 

For the account on our website, it is a pure shopping cart purchase account. For Protag App, please register directly in our app itself.

2. How do I check my backing contribution.

As most backers purchase from Indiegogo, please login to your Indiegogo account to view your purchase in the indiegogo webpage.

3. How do I track online? 

Finally, for customers who are keen to track their Duet or mobile phone online, please login to our online tracking system.

You may go to “Lost my stuffs” from Protag website, or trace.theprotag.com to perform tracking features online.

It is also mobile friendly, so you can access it directly from your mobile.

We will update a bit more on tracking next week, and how you could best utilize our features. Stay tuned!

- Rick and the Duet team

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