Project Update #11: Shipping Updates and Promotion!

New Shipping Updates 3 (24/7)

Dear Backers,

As we received some emails with regards to your shipment, we decide to post this to benefit everyone. For shipment, we have done all the early-bird shipment. For overseas backers, who have not paid shipping, please do so soon for shipment.

Early Backers

To know if you are an early bird, please check your Indiegogo receipt. If your receipt has an “Early-bird Single/Duo/Trio/Quad Pack”, you should receive your delivery soon. For overseas backers out of Singapore, do give it some time to reach you as the post office speed depends on clearance of customs, and the process speed of the local post. Please be patient if the post is a bit slow.

Main Backers

For the rest of the main backers, new chips have been ordered and made. We will start assembly and packing by 29 July and we hope to finish it by the 1stweek of August. We hope to ship it on a weekly basis every week starting from the 2nd week of August.

Free Duets for Early & Main Backers

As there is some time, we are running a promotion. Get a ‘Free Limited Edition Duet’, campaign details can be found in our Protag newsletterWe have receive many good comments from our initial backers and we look forward to deliver you more quality Duets with good software support.

Have a good day.


- Rick & The Duet Team

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