Protag App Update

Dear Elite Users,

As most of you should have experienced the auto-app upgrade of our new interface, we proudly announce to you – the Protag App for Elite, Duet and G1.
You may download here for Apple and Android if you have not done so.

Here are some tips to use the Protag App:

  1. Protag App focuses on a new interface displaying all your valuables and phone on a single map which makes tracking easier if you lose your items. Never to worry where your keys went as it will always be recorded automatically on the map.
2.Track Silently by switching off the alarm notification in the edit settings without disturbing your daily routine and tracking will still take place automatically

3. Search things easily by sounding an alarm on Duet or allow Duet to ring your phone even on silent mode.

If you wish to purchase our new product, the Duet, you may do so as we should be shipping our latest batch of Duets by September before retail placements. Click here to view our final campaign.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for future tips and updates. You may drop us a feedback for current product evaluation, wants and improvements to our product support email:

We hope to receive your favorable feedback soon, for us to further improve. Do let us know if our product is more stable than any other trackers in the market, as this means valuable feedback to us.

Have a good day!

- The PROTAG Team

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