Project Update #10: We’re Shipping out Duets!

Shipping Updates 2 (16/7)

Dear Backers,

This week, we have begun shipping out first 1000 duets to all early backers and we hope some of you have received it! We will have so many more flowing through our shipping system soon. Thanks for your patience!

On a weekly basis we’ll ship out your duets in batches.


You can also check the progress of our Duet shipments here at:

Please note we are not able to provide individual time-frame for each order due to a number of factors, including the occasional interference from customs, the quantity of orders, and delays via your local post office. In case you are experiencing any issues with customs please email:

Main Backers (est June Delivery)

We apologize that we took a 1 month delay to get our mass manufacturing run into a good shape; we developed production grade soldering machine and improved our PCB (4 layered instead of 2 layered). We are now confident that we will produce about 5,000 pieces every 2 weeks after this initial manufacturing run with consistent quality. Do give us some time for packing, we should ship out our Main Backers batch around early August (1-2 week additional as compared to our previous estimates).

Shipping Payments

For those early bird backers who have not paid for your shipping of US$5, please do so as soon as possible. We have setup a new campaign to process extra Duet orders and shipping payment for our backers. Here is the link:–2

Have a pleasant week!

-Rick & The Duet Team


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