Securing Your Vehicle

Motorcycle thefts are getting increasingly more common. With vehicle thefts on the rise, perpetrators are getting more creative in targeting the keys to our ride. We experience more vulnerable moments than we actually recognise. Surfers, for example, often lose their car keys when they are out surfing. Motorcyclists return to the parking lot, only to discover that their bikes have been stolen, disassembled, and sold for profit from the spare parts.

But you need not fall victim to another case of vehicle theft.
Here are some ways that you could secure your vehicle:

If you drive a car:

1) Lock your car

Seems obvious enough, but statistics show that over 50% of stolen cars were actually unlocked. So check and double check, even if you’re in a rush. That extra 5 seconds you take to lock and unlock your car might save your car from being a target for thieves.

2) NEVER hide spare keys in the car

You can hide, but they will still find it. Don’t risk it. In fact, this habit is so prevalent that car manufacturers have even resorted to high tech to address it. Instead of a ignition keyhole, many cars these days come with a wirelessly activated ignition.

3) Apply your emergency brake

Apart from safety purposes, the emergency brakes will definitely make it harder to tow your car away.



1) Chains

Secure your motorcycle with a strong chain that requires more than just a bolt cutter’s strength to saw through. Most riders think that a simple cheap padlock will suffice, but no. You worked hard to buy your bike, so why trade it for a few bucks by buying some cheap locks that make thieves laugh?

2) Secure it to a strong anchor

Just like a bicycle, securing your motorcycle to an anchor is a good deterrent against bike thieves. It will be even better if the anchor is a lamp post, so that the thief can’t use a strong crowbar to dislodge your anchor

3) Additional switches

Before you modify your bike, always ensure that the intended modification complies with your local laws.

Some motorcyclists are very creative and throw in kill switches, combination locks, an additional ignition button, all of which takes time for a thief to figure out. Though it does not prevent the bike from being towed away physically, you can always add in an alarm that will attract a huge amount of attention if the bike is moved.



urlKeys are something not all of us think about. Remember when we mentioned how surfers often lose their car keys while out surfing? Well, if hiding car keys in our bikinis, or  under a bundle of towels isn’t a good idea, how else can we secure our keys?

Surf Lock has designed a pad lock that locks on to your car handle, and keeps your key safe in the number pad lock. The alternative is to use a water wallet when you’re in the beach, but they can be a hindrance. In some horror stories, they’ve been known to detach while in the water.

The best form of protection is still having a physical person watching over your belongings. But if it is inevitable that you leave your keys behind, Surf Lock is one of the better solutions out there.

-The PROTAG Team

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