History: G1

G1- The First PROTAG


G1 is where we began as a company. Being the first card sized anti-loss device, we were the pioneers to bluetooth anti-loss technology. Originally designed to protect the traveler’s passport, G1 soon expanded to the protecting people’s wallet, bags, etc. Without all of you supporters for this baby, we would never have been able to bring forth the Elite and the duet.

Like all innovations, it all began with a problem, or rather a bad experience.  Our co-founder, Johnathan Lim was having a great overseas vacation with his family. All was well, until the John’s aunt lost her passport. It was a lot of pain, hassle and distress caused to the family as getting a replacement passport whilst overseas is no easy and fast task. All they needed was something to slip into the passport and alert them through a message if the passport was missing.

It was through all that frustration the PROTAG was born. Rick and John worked together to conceptualize and design the first PROTAG, spending lots of time researching on available products and the technology available of that time. Soon, it came to design. What is the perfect size for good battery life as well as be form fitting for everyday use? The conclusion is a card size, where they are able to fit in the tech needed for the PROTAG and a 270mAh battery that can last for 6 days on a single charge.

G1 First Packaging

The rest, is history. The team was form and we began production of the product, placing it in our first packaging as shown for retail sale (The box you see is over 3 years old!).


-The PROTAG Team

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